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Supported Independent Living (SIL) is helping with and/or the supervising of daily tasks in a shared living environment, with a focus on developing the skills of each individual to live as independently as possible.The support is provided to each person living in the shared arrangement based on their support needs.

Assistance provided to a participant will be included as part of their plan depending on the level of support they require to live independently in the housing option of their choice.

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Supported Independent Living
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iCare can assist you to develop the skills needed to improve hygiene, get ready for the day, manage your life, and travel independently.


We can assist you in how to manage:

  • Showering, dressing and other personal care tasks

  • Household tasks including cleaning and cooking

  • Life skills including budgeting and meal planning

  • Travel and transport, including using public transport



If you need specialist nursing care relating to your disability, our registered nurses will come to your home to provide training to you, your carer, or our care staff to ensure that you have the skills and support you need to live independently at home.

If you require nursing that is not related to your disability, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Nursing Care
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Support for people to engage in their community, attend social engagements or take part in recreational activities.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation (Support Category 4) is a funded support category that you may find in your NDIS plan, under Core Supports.

This funding also covers support for activities that are either centre-based or out in the community (e.g. to attend a craft/cooking group) at standard or higher intensity rates.

Under Assistance with Social and Community Participation, the NDIS may fund a support worker to support you to:

  • Attend personal development courses

  • Join a social group

  • Take an outing or a holiday

  • Go on a holiday camp

  • Visit your local library

  • See a movie or a concert

  • Go to community events

  • Join a sporting club.

Social & Community Participatin


Short term breaks for people who need some time-out or a short holiday. Inclusive of all expenses. We offer Short Term Accommodation options to support you to the best of our ability whilst you are transitioning.

Find safety, security and high quality care with our Short Term Accommodation (STA) packages for you or a loved one.

Holidays, planned breaks for carers, whatever reason you might need to plan short term stay, you can trust that our accommodation and services are of the highest standard.

Our packages cover all costs, including all daily activities, chosen by the client.

Your goals are our goals, and taking time out when needed is such an important part of working towards a happier, more supported and independent life!

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Short Term Accomodation


Medium term accommodation (MTA) is available to NDIS participants who require temporary transitional housing while they wait for their permanent home to become ready or available for use.

Typical examples of where MTA might be used include: participants who are ready to leave hospital but are waiting for disability related modifications to be completed in their home or participants awaiting SIL or SDA approval from the NDIS.

Medium Term Accommodatio
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